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Welcome to expresstreetrimmingservice.com, your dedicated website and service about tree trimming in Thousand Oaks CA.

Who are we and what do we do? This are great questions. We are a honest and dedicated roofing company, who is specialized in tree trimming. Our services space on a wide scale and cover every possible tree issue: from classical tree trimming to plant control and much more. Basically, we are a 360 degrees trimming company.

Our professional services are licensed and insured, which gives us the confidence on our competence and offers you the opportunity to completely and fully trust the work we do. Controlling and checking the conditions of the tree is the safest way to prevent any possible issue in the future. However, if the damage has already been made, trimming it as quickly as possible is the route to follow. Luckily for you, trimming trees is our main area of expertise and where our competence is able to make the best work.

The mission at expresstreetrimmingservice.com is to provide the best customer experience we can. We know how frustrating it is to deal with a bad customer service, when the tree near your house is becoming too big. Therefore, we will take the fastest and safest measures to make sure to solve the issue efficiently, using our latest knowledge in trimming. If you are having troubles with the trees near your house please take the time to call the [insert your phone number here] to get our opinion on the issue and book our intervention.

Our prices are fair and affordable, since we believe in providing a high quality service to everyone. This, however, does not translate to less passion and dedication or bad results. In fact, it is the exact contrary: all our clients have been satisfied and pleased by our work.